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Hot Topics

  • Adjust subscription or Cancel tomorrow's meal

    We know plans change and work schedules can be unpredictable. You may cancel your next day subscription as late as 9PM the night before your delivery by going to your Account Page. If you miss the cutoff time, please contact us and we'll try to accommodate you as best we can. 

    Green Tiffin's meal subscription plan is highly flexible. Adjust your meal plan according to your work schedule. The calendar function in your Account Page allows you to make adjustments for up to 3 months in advance. Make no changes and we will revert to your original meal subscription.   

  • Delivery time request

    Our tiffin-wallahs deliver meals between 10.30am-12.30pm, M-F. 

    You may request delivery in a one-hour window between 10.30am-11.30am or 11.30am-12.30pm and we will try our best to meet your request. You will receive a SMS alert when we are close to arriving at your office.

    Green Tiffin meals are packed in double-wall insulated tiffin boxes to keep your lunch warm or cool for upto a couple of hours. 


  • Do I have to wash tiffin boxes?

    Our goal is to revolutionize green and healthy eating in San Francisco. For this sustainable food model to work, we request your joint effort to wash (not rinse) tiffin boxes after you have enjoyed Green Tiffin meals. Thank you for doing your part in helping us reuse and conserve.  

    We clean and sanitize all tiffins before reuse and maintain high sanitation standards in meal preparation and packaging.

    We reserve the rights to refuse service to anyone, including those who return unsanitary tiffins.


General Questions

  • What is Green Tiffin?

    Green Tiffin is a small and mindful sustainable food business offering you meal subscription to wholesome and healthy lunches, conveniently delivered to your office or picked up.

    Lunches can be a monotonous experience, finding yourself eating the same thing at the same place again and again. You’re too busy at work, don't have time to pack meals from home, and running out of ideas. Inevitably, you end up with unhealthy grab n' go options that is not the best for you.

    Green Tiffin offers an easy way to eat healthy. Meal subscription allows you to plan ahead and no matter how busy your workday may get, you know a delicious and nutritious lunch is on its way. We make it super easy to adjust meal subscription when your work plans change.

    Eating consciously has never been easier.

  • How does Green Tiffin work?

    1. Subscribe to a meal plan.

    Choose weekly frequency and day/s you would like to receive Green Tiffin meals. Your weekly subscription will then be recurring with easy-to-adjust options if your plans change.

    2. Healthy and nutritous meals prepared. 

    Your lunch is made fresh daily using local and organic ingredients whenever possible and packed in 100% reusable packaging. Fresh menus published weekly if you'd like to switch around or try something new. 

    3. Meals delivered or picked up.

    Zippin' around town on electric bikes, our tiffin-wallahs will delivery lunch to your office for a small delivery fee. You will receive a SMS alert before lunch arrives. You may also pick up your lunch at designated locations free of delivery charge.

    4. Enjoy your lunch.

    Savor the wholesome goodness packed in your Green Tiffin lunch.  

    5. Wash and repeat.

    Wash tiffin boxes to conserve trash and recycling and exchange empties for more delicious goodness at your next delivery.

  • Where and when does Green Tiffin deliver?

    1. Delivery

    We deliver in the general areas of SF Downtown, FiDi and SOMA. Check the Delivery Map for our service area. If we are not currently in your area, please leave us your contact and we will notify you when we start serving your neighborhood.

    Lunch is delivered between 10.30am - 12.30pm. You may choose a preferred one-hour delivery window and our tiffin-wallahs will do their best to meet that delivery time. Unpredictable traffic and weather may cause delay and you'll be contacted if unforseen circumstances affect your delivery time.

    2. Pick Up

    We will soon have two pick up locations with designated pick up window between 11.30am-12.00pm and 12.15-12.45pm. See pick up location map at the top of this page. Please come by during pick up delivery window and our tiffin-wallahs will be waiting for you.

    There are no delivery charges for picked up meals and we encourage you to leave your office for a stretch n' stroll. If you miss the pick up window, we will deliver your meal to your office for a small delivery fee.

  • How much does Green Tiffin meals cost?

    We aim to make healthy and conscious eating affordable and accessible. Green Tiffin meal subscription starts at $10 per meal.

    Our tiered price structure offers better value to more frequent eaters. 1-2 meals a week costs $11 per meal and 3 or more meals a week costs $10 per meal.

    You are never restricted to a fixed subscription. Change the frequency and/or days you want Green Tiffin meals anytime and the prices will be reflective of your choiced plan. We offer meal subscription as a convenience and to help you make healthy lunch choices.


Getting Started

  • Creating a subscription account

    To start subscription, click on any SUBSCRIBE button on the website or the 'tiffin icon' in the upper right-hand corner of the Green Tiffin page. It takes four simple steps to activate Green Tiffin meal subscription. 

    After subscribing, you may customize meal options to include food allergy, adjust meal plans using quick calendar view and upsize meals. And of course, you can get into your Account Page anytime after to make further adjustments.

    You only have to subscribe once and your weekly meal plan will be recurring (with options to make adjustments anytime). We make eating healthy easy. In no time, you'll be receiving delicious Green Tiffin meals at your doorstep.

  • Sign up for FREE weekly menu

    Green Tiffin menus are never fixed because we bring you farm fresh food to eat with the seasons' cycle. Get fresh lunch options in your inbox each week.

    If you have a subscription account, then you're automatically signed up for our Weekly Menu update. Want your meal to be a surprise? You can adjust email preferences in your Account Page and be delighted when your meal arrives.

    Don't have an account? You can still sign up for our Weekly Menu email without having to create an account. On the Green Tiffin homepage, below the photo slider, enter your email address and ZIP code. This will add you to our mailing list for Weekly Menu updates.

  • Browsing weekly menu

    Next week's menu are update every Friday of the week. Click on What's Cookin' to find out fresh daily menus. You may also want to mouse-over menu images and ingredient listings to get a closer look at what's cookin' for the day. 

    Although there is one menu option each day, a Green Tiffin meal typically comes with a variety of items including an appetizer, an entre with sides, and the occasionally desserts (on us!). If there are specific menu items that you are not particularly fond of, you may switch subscription days and try something new.


About The Food

  • What are Green Tiffin lunches like?

    Green Tiffin meals are plant-based with ovo-lacto options. We use the freshest, seasonal ingredients and marry them with world flavors to create healthy, delectable lunches. We source ingredients from local, sustainable farms and use organic products whenever possible. Think local food, world flavors!

    All Green Tiffin lunches comes with appetizers and entrees in adult-sized portion, delighfully packed in two-tiered reusable tiffin boxes. You get a variety of taste and flavors in healthy portions, with an option to have them all in one sitting or save some for later. We offer 'Green-Me-Up' option for a heartier portion to meet your higher energy needs.

    Our menus constantly change with the cycle of the season. With Green Tiffin, you'll never get bored with lunch again. On occasion, we'll surprise you with desserts - our treat!

    See What's Cookin'

  • Why sustainable food?

    At Green Tiffin, we practice and serve sustainable food because it matters to our health and that of the planet. From seed to plate, we strive for the highest green practice standards. 

    Green Tiffin meals are plant-based (with ovo-lacto options) and we use seasonal and organic ingredients as much as possible. We work with local farmers who practice sustainable or pesticide-free farming to bring you the freshest harvest of the season. 

    We pack your meals in 100% reusable tiffin boxes eliminating trash and high cost of recycling. We invite you to join us in this endeavor by washing tiffins after use for exchange at your next delivery.

    Last but not least, Green Tiffin meals are delivered on electric bicycles reducing our footprint wherever we can. 

  • What are the portions like?

    Healthy and satisfying. A typical meal comes with multiple items including appetizers, entre with sides, and occasional desserts. Each meal contains one adult portion. We offer 'Green-Me-Up' option for a heartier serving.

  • What if I have food allergy?

    We try our best to meet your dietary restrictions due to allergy. If you have acute food allergy, please notify us in the Customize Meal section after placing your subscription. We will try to accommodate based on type of allergy and preparation restrictions and will contact you if we are not in a position to do so. 

  • Do you offer meat options?

    Green Tiffin meals are plant-based with ovo-lacto options and do not contain animal meat. We are not opposed to a balanced diet containing meat. However, our focus is on plant-based food.

    A few of our reasons for not offering meat products include animal welfare, health, energy conservation, and the environment. If you choose to consume meat, please consider more humanely-raised options often found in smaller markets.

  • Do you provide ingredient listing and nutritional information?

    Yes, we provide ingredient listings in the daily menu on What's Cookin'

    Due to our constantly changing menu and the nature of our small business operation, we unfortunately are not able to provide nutritional information at this time. However, we aim to move towards that direction in the future.

  • What is Green Me Up?

    Green Me Up is a meal option with a bigger portion to satisfy you higher energy intake requirement. For $2 more, you'll get a heartier serving of healthy goodness in your meal - typically a larger dose of veggies and/or protein with the same amount of carb. Green Me Up are identifiable by the green dots stickers on tiffin lids.


About The Packaging

  • Do Green Tiffin meals require preparation?

    All Green Tiffin meals are ready-to-eat with no further preparation required. Sit back and enjoy! We pack your lunch in double-wall insulated tiffin boxes to keep food fresh and cool/warm for your enjoyment. 

  • Reusable packaging

    We believe in green food and packaging. To eliminate waste and costly recycling, we choose to deliver Green Tiffin meals in reusable tiffin boxes. After enjoying lunch, we request that tiffins be washed (not just rinsed) and exchanged for more wholesome goodness at your next delivery. All empty tiffins are cleaned and sanitized at our facility to meet the highest sanitation standards.

    Our tiffin boxes are made of top quality and eco-friendly food-grade stainless steel on the inside and PP material on the outside. This double-walled insulated packaging keeps food fresh and preserves heat up to several hours.  

    Our tiffin sleeves are made of 100% natural cotton and natural color. We source these packaging using fair-trade practices.

  • Are tiffins microwave and/or over safe?

    Tiffin boxes are NOT microwave and/or oven safe. Green Tiffin meals are designed to be ready-to-eat and our tiffin boxes are carefully selected to meet those needs.

    Some items on Green Tiffin menu are best eaten hot e.g. soup, stew, curries etc. On such occasions, these items will come in a microwavable container to be reheated, if you wish. 

  • How long can I keep Green Tiffin meals in the refrigerator?

    Lunch plans change, we get it. Green Tiffin meals typically last about 1-2 days as long as they are kept in the refrigerator. Salads and leafy items are best enjoyed within a day. It is perfectly fine to keep tiffin boxes in the refrigerator. 


Placing Orders

  • How do I order/subscribe?

    Green Tiffin meals are currently offered on subscription basis. You may subscribe to a meal plan based on frequency per week and choose your preferred day/s of the week. Once subscribed, your meal plan will be recurring weekly. You can always adjust your meal plan and/or change your day preference anytime. 

    Our menus are never fixed and we send out weekly emails to keep you updated on our fresh menu offerings. 

    Click on the tiffin icon at the top right of the website or on any 'subscribe' button to start subscription. All payments are done securely online at the end of each week based on actual meals delivered.


  • How do I cancel a meal?

    We know work schedules can be unpredictable, so we make it easy for you to cancel your upcoming order. You can cancel as late as 9pm the day before your scheduled delivery. In emergency situation past the 9pm cutoff time, please contact us at 415 283 7856 to cancel and we'll try to accommodate. 

    To cancel, login to Account Page > Adjust Meal Subscription > Calendar and unhighlight the day you want meal cancelled. You may also highlight other day/s if you want to switch days.

    Our meal plan is flexible and you may skip, swith or hold orders anytime.

  • What if my schedule changes from week to week?

    No problem. We understand your work schedule may change from one week to the next. This shouldn't affect your choice for healthy lunches. We make it easy for you to adjust your meal subscription up to three months in advance.

    Simply login to Account Page > Adjust Meal Subscription > Calendar to make subscription adjustments by highlighting or unhighlighting day/s in the calendar view.

    You are billed at the end of each week based on the number of meals you received for that week. Simple.

  • Can I make special requests to my meals?

    We try our best to accommodate your customized meal request. Our priority is to meet diet restrictions based on acute allergy the best we can. We will contact you if we are unable to meet your request. Sorry, we are not able to accommodate other special requests at this time. 

    If you have preference to avoid certain ingredients, you may review menu description in What's Cookin' and skip, switch or hold orders accordingly. 

    We offer 'Green Me Up' option for a larger portion size to meet your need for higher energy intake.

  • How and when do I make payments?

    We make it easy for you. Payments are automatically processed at the end of each week based on the number of meals purchased that week. Payments are processed using the method of payment you provided at subscription. 

    Our tiered pricing offers you better value with more meals purchased. For example, if you purchased 1-2 meals this week, you are billed $11 per meal at the end of this week. If you purchased 3 or more meals next week, you are billed $10 per meal at the end of next week. Our meal subscription plan is highly flexible. 

    For easy reference, all order and payment histories are listed in your Account Page

    We never store your credit/debit card and paypal ID details on any of our servers for security reasons. They are encrypted and secured in a vault at Braintree, our payment gateway vendor (used by innovative companies like Uber, Stubhub and Airbnb). 



Delivery & Pickup

  • Where and when does Green Tiffin deliver?

    We deliver in the general areas of SF Downtown, FiDi and SOMA. Check the Delivery Map for our service area. If we are not currently in your area, please leave us your contact and we will notify you when we start serving your neighborhood.

    Green Tiffin lunches are delivered between 10.30am - 1.30pm. You may choose a preferred one-hour delivery window and our tiffin-wallahs will do their best to accommodate. Unpredictable traffic and weather may cause delay and you'll be contacted if unforseen circumstances affect your delivery time. 

  • When can I pick up my meal?

    Pick-up delivery (coming soon) at designated locations are time specific. Our tiffin-wallahs are ready for your pick-up orders and will be waiting for a 30-minute window at each location. Please arrive within time window. If you miss pick-up, we will deliver lunch to your office within the next hour.

    Find pick up locations and time window in Pick Up Location Map.

  • How much does delivery cost? What about tipping?

    We charge a flat $2 delivery fee across all areas we serve. Pick up delivery is FREE of delivery charges. 

    Tipping is optional. If you are pleased with our delivery service, feel free to tip our riders. You may tip them in-person or online during subscription sign up or in your Account Page.

  • Do I need to be at the office?

    We prefer to deliver Green Tiffin lunches to you personally. However, we understand if you're busy and cannot accept delivery in-person. If you are not in the office, we will gladly deliver your meal to your front office personnel, co-worker or security personnel. Please make sure they are informed and are willing to accept delivery on your behalf. Once delivered, you will receive a text or phone call notifying you of the completed delivery. 

  • Can someone pick up on my behalf?

    Yes, of course. Please have your friend or co-worker inform us of your full name and company name when picking up a meal on your behalf. They must arrive within the specified time window at designated pick up locations to pick up your meal. And don't forget to hand them empty tiffins for exchange.

    Consider, gifting your friend or co-worker Green Tiffin meals for their generous help.

  • Can I deliver to places other than an office?

    Not a problem. We also deliver to home offices and deliver meals to your friend. As long as it is a valid physical address within the zipcode we serve, we will gladly delivery Green Tiffin lunches. If meal is for a friend, please enter who the meal is being delivered to under delivery instructions.


Account Settings

  • How do I retrieve/reset my password?

    Go to Account Login and click on the 'forgot password' link. You will be guided to either retrieve or reset your password. If you still encounter problem with login, please contact us.

  • How do I unsubscribe to weekly menu update?

    Go to Account Page > Email Preferences. You may opt out of the weekly menu notification or other emails such as general announcements, promotions etc. Even though you don't receive emails, we will still maintain your active Green Tiffin account. 

  • Canceling Subscription

    Green Tiffin meal plan is flexible and you may skip, switch or hold orders anytime based on your work schedule. 

    In the unfortunate event that our meal plan is not a good match, you may cancel subscription anytime in your Account Page. Thank you for trying us out.

    Upon cancelation, please advise us of remaining empty tiffin/s you have for pick up and we'll schedule a rider to you. Upon pick up, we will process tiffin deposit refund - please allow a few days for refund to show up on your account.

    We appreciate you providing feedback on your experience with Green Tiffin so we can improve our service to provide exceptional lunch experiences.


Gift Cards

  • Can I purchase Green Tiffin gift card for someone?

    Absolutely! Go to our Gift Card page. Gift cards are perfect for staff appreciation, celebrations, or just about any special occasion. Gift cards are typically send in a digital format via email with a link to redeem gift embedded in the email. You may opt to send a physical card by choosing DIY printing or we'll do it for you.  

  • Do gift cards expire?

    Green Tiffin gift cards never expire when unused. However, once activated and first meal redeemed, gift card is valid for one year from then on. 

  • How do I redeem my gift card?

    Go to Gift Redeem page and we'll walk you through the process of redeeming your Green Tiffin gift. If you have an account, simply login before redeeming gift and we'll apply the gift card value as credit to your account. 

    When redeeming gift, you will have an option to continue with paid subscription upon completion of gift credit. 


Privacy & Security

  • Is this site secure for credit card and paypal?

    We are serious about your information, privacy and security. Greentiffin.com is a fully SSL-protected site, which secures sensitive information during online transactions. Your card number is never stored on any of our servers. All information and transactions via the site is protected and authenticated using high-level encryption technology. Greentiffin.com is PCI compliant, backed by a leading payment gateway vendor, Braintree (used by innovative companies such as Uber and Airbnb).


General Inquiries


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