Fresh And New Menus Each Week

Tell us when you want Green Tiffin meals and we'll surprise your taste buds with delightful healthy meals. We offer a flexible meal plan with skip, switch and hold options. No more impulse lunch decisions. Plan ahead - you deserve to eat consciously.

Flexible Meal Plan

We make eating healthy easy. Subscribe once and your weekly order will be recurring. Changing meal orders is easy with the skip, switch and hold options to fit your work schedule. Green Tiffin meal subscription starts at $10 per meal.

Try Something New

We send weekly menus ahead of time so you can plan eating healthy. Fancy something different or try something new? Simply switch order days. Do nothing and we'll revert to your original meal plan. Skip, switch and hold orders anytime in our flexible meal plan.

Skip, Switch & Hold

Out of office? No worries. Adjust your meal plan anytime up to three months in advance. Emergency? We got you. Skip next day's order by 9pm the night before or call us and we'll try to accommodate. On vacation? Enjoy your time away! Hold subscription with restart date and lunch is served upon your return.

Priced For Health

We believe in access to affordable healthy food. A Green Tiffin meal starts at $10 plus a flat $2 delivery fee - tax included. Pick up is free of delivery charges. Our delivery riders gladly accept gratuity if you feel we went above and beyond. We charge a $25 refundable tiffin deposit.

Sustainable Food

We are honored you entrust us with your lunch. At Green Tiffin, we are passionately dedicated to serving you nothing but the healthiest food from the freshest ingredients possible. We prepare your meal from scratch each day, delivering only the finest from seed to mouth.

Quality Ingredients

Green Tiffin meals start with good ingredients. We strive to source the freshest ingredients grown sustainably - organic and pesticide-free from local farmers as much as possible. Yes, you can eat consciously. Go ahead, we support you!


Some foods are so potent we can't hush and love sharing them with you. From ancient grains to nutrient-packed seeds, vitamin-rich berries to living cultures and sprouted foods; you'll find many such ingredients in Green Tiffin meals.

Let Us Surprise You!

Count on a wide variety of healthy meals that will tickle your palate. Our menus are never fixed because we eat with the season honoring the bounty mother earth provides. On occasion, we'll surprise you with handcrafted desserts - complimentary on us. Indulge!

Dietary Restrictions

We aim to meet your dietary restrictions where possible. Simply tell us your food allergies at signup and we'll see to it. Meals are plant-based with ovo-lacto options. Be adventurous with the multitude of edible plants available on the face of the earth.

Full Office Delivery or Pick Up

Our delivery crew called 'tiffin-wallas' will conveniently deliver meals to your office using e-bikes for a flat $2 delivery fee. Or you can choose pick up at nearby green stations for no additional fee. Pedal power or a brisk walk before lunch - you choose. Both options have our green stamp of approval.

Where And When Are Meals Delivered?

See Our Delivery Area. Green Tiffin meals are delivered between 10.30am-1.30pm, with your preference for the hour. We try our best to accommodate your delivery window request and will send you a text to let you know we're on our way.

Do I Need To Be Present For Office Delivery?

It's up to you. If you're busy or in a meeting, our tiffin-wallas will leave your meal at the reception or security. Please notify your reception or security so they are not surprise by our visit. Psst... don't forget to leave empties out for exchange.

Where Do I Pick Up?

Come to designated green stations during the 30 minute pickup window. Our tiffin-wallas will be waiting with your lunch. Yes, we invite you to leave the office for a stretch and some fresh air.
Find Pick Up Location [COMING SOON].

Can Someone Else Pickup Meal On My Behalf?

Of course. Get co-workers or friends to pick up meal on your behalf by mentioning your full name. Give your friend a meal or two for helping out, if you like.

Eat. Green. Repeat.

We keep it simple. Once you have subscribed to a meal plan, let us handle the rest. Sit back and enjoy. After finishing your meal, we ask that you wash tiffins for reuse. Exchange empties for more tasty delights at your next delivery. All Green Tiffin meals are made with love, at no extra charge.

Wash and reuse tiffin boxes

Help us reuse and conserve by fully washing tiffins after use. Simply exchange empties for more wholesome goodness at next delivery. All tiffins will be cleaned and sanitized at our facility to meet highest sanitation standards.

What if I forget to exchange empties?

It happens. No sweat. If you forgot to bring empties for exchange, simply bring them at the next scheduled delivery.

If you have read this far, we hope you are convinced to eat with Green Tiffin. Let us to tickle your taste buds as we embark on this green journey together.