Food for our future

Why sustainable? Because it matters, for our own health and that of the planet.
Food grown seasonally, organically and locally provides safer and healthier nutrition, without compromising future generations' ability to do the same.
Let food become medicine for us and the world.

Plant-Food. Why No Meat Options?

We are not opposed to a balanced diet containing meat. However, our focus is on plant-based food with ovo and lacto options.

A few of our reasons for not offering meat products include animal welfare, health, energy conservation, and the environment. If you choose to consume meat, please consider more humanely-raised options often found in smaller markets.

Supporting Local Farmers

We use ingredients from local farms that practice sustainable agriculture whenever possible. By choosing Green Tiffin meals, you are helping bolster local economies and supporting farmers do what they do best – grow great food.

Farmers we work with...

Green Packaging and Delivery

While recycling is a much better option than landfilling garbage, it still requires a significant amount of resources. Green Tiffin eliminates both concerns with 100% reusable tiffins. Guided by our values for sustainability, we place high priority in reuseability of our packaging without sacrificing on its aesthetics.


Our meal deliveries are made on electric bicycles for a more efficient and green practice.  We aim to live up to our name and promise through green food, green packaging and green delivery.


You play a big part in this sustainable effort by choosing Green Tiffin meals and washing tiffins and exchanging them after use. Many thanks in advance!

Food For Our Planet

We source ingredients locally to shorten the journey from seed to plate. Through our green practices, we do our part to foster the development and maintenance of a healthy ecosystem. We keep our meals fresh and healthy and so too, our planet.


Be a part of the sustainable food movement with Green Tiffin.